CM Locker lockscreen app now with fingerprint support

One of the better reviewed lockscreen apps for Android devices is CM Locker (Security, Booster). The newest update for this app makes it even better, that is, if you're one of the proud, new owners of Samsung's new flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. That's because CM Locker is the 1st lockscreen app that has support for the fingerprint unlock feature of the two new smartphones, making it easier for users to access their apps from their locked screen, while at the same time, keeping their device secure.

Plastic variant of the HTC M9+ spotted at TENAA

If you're waiting for the HTC One M9 Plus to arrive in the United States, I can't assure you that the bigger sibling of the HTC One M9 is coming. The phone may only be available in Asia but a recent TENAA certification gives us hope that the model, or atleast, might have another variant which could be ready for its Western launch. Nothing is certain yet but now we have an idea that HTC has another unit under its sleeves.

HTC One mini, mini 2 not getting a taste of Lollipop

We've been giving the premium HTC One M9 and the One M9+ a lot of attention lately but we're not completely forgetting about the mid-range HTC One mini and mini 2. If you're an owner of any of the two models, sad to say, but your HTC smartphone isn't getting Android Lollipop. This seems final when asked last month on Twitter when the Android 5.0 for the HTC One mini 2 will arrive. HTC quickly replied that the model "isn't scheduled to receive the update" and that the Lollipop won't provide an optimal experience for the One mini 2.

Blood of Calamity RPG has you chasing, battling ancient demons

With all the RPGs around that you can choose from in the Google Play Store – and not all of them very good to begin with – an Android gamer would be pretty wary of new RPGs, thinking that it would just be a waste of time to download and install. So we would hope that this new RPG from Kemco – called “Blood of Calamity” – will be worth our time.

Implosion makes you the last hope of the earth before extinction

Console gaming is still very much different from mobile gaming but either way, any fanatic or geeky gamer will find it enjoyable to play something action-packed like this 'Implosion - Never Lose Hope' from developer Rayark. It’s a new Android game where the rest of the human race faces extinction after the earth has fallen 20 years ago.

Arcade game ReRave Plus now available as a mobile game on Android

For the five people (okay, maybe five hundred) who still play arcade games in the mall or an actual arcade, the ideal scenario would be to create mobile versions of your favorite games so you can take them anywhere with you. That's what a lot of developers are currently doing, and the latest one to be adapted to your smartphone or tablet is ReRave Plus, which combines "music, rhythm, and touch accuracy" to make a game that can both be a productivity killer and a challenge as well.

AppChat (Alpha) lets you chat with other users of your apps

Have you ever been in a situation where you've donwloaded a new app on your smartphone or tablet, but then suddenly, you're having trouble with one of the features or you don't understand how to do certain tasks within the app? Yes, you can probably go through forums and comment sections, but we all know how that can be a rabbit hole you don't necessarily want to fall into. A group of developers over at XDA decided to hack together an app that can help you solve that problem.

LG wants you to compare G4 to iPhone 6, 6Plus

The LG G4 just launched a few days back, and as expected, people are relatively pleased with it. Among Android flagship phones, it will be competing with the very strong performing Samsung Galaxy S6, its edgy brother the Galaxy S6 Edge, the HTC One M9, and the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4. But in its detail web pages, it seems like LG really wants Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users to compare their screens with the G4, as if the latest iPhones are the real competition.

Learn from experts with an Interactive Coding Bootcamp [DEALS]

Are you an Android user who has been interested in dabbling in the arcane art that is programming? Or maybe you're already an app developer dreaming of spreading your wings into other but related ventures? You probably also thought that while self-taught is good, getting the insights of a live expert would be even better. If you find yourself nodding to any of these, then our latest deal might be to your taste. With this Interactive Coding Bootcamp, not only do you learn the ropes of back- and front-end software development, you'll even have access to instructors while doing so.
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