Rumored Galaxy S6 Active spotted in Samsung listing

There is still no official word yet if there will be an Active variation of the new flagship Galaxy S6, but if the Samsung Plus program page is to be believed, then it will definitely be coming sometime soon. It is listed together with other devices that have already been launched like the aforementioned flagship and the Galaxy S6 edge, as well as other past devices that have been launched the past years.

Better Re turns old, functioning batteries into power banks

If you change smartphones every year or every time a new shinier thing come along (and if you don't sell or give away your old phones), you probably have a lot of still functioning products lying around your house. A new Kickstarter project wants your batteries to not go to waste and in fact, be of use to you and your current smartphone. The Better Re will turn those old batteries into power banks that will give extra power, especially when you travel.

Agent Dash now with new characters, better graphics, new missions

If you're a huge fan of endless runners, and agents dashing to and fro in general, then Agent Dash should be the game for you. They call it the "ultimate sky blockbuster" as you try and run to defend you country by running through endless obstacles and challenges. A new update to the game brings more playable characters, even more impressive game graphics, and of course new missions for the agents who never get tired of running.

Help treasure hunter Timmy explore the Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Already thinking about how you'd spend the weekend? Geeks and gamers would only recommend to do one thing: play games on your mobile phone. If you're on the lookout for yet another game you can play for hours and add to your queue, try Tiny Dangerous Dungeons. The words dangerous and dungeons are enough to let you know it's a challenging game but there's a 'tiny' reference so we're not sure if this is something you'd be addicted to.

TENAA certifies Gionee Elife E8 and its 23MP camera

If you could have a device that has a high pixel density, probably the highest there is now in the market, and an impressive sounding mobile camera but it comes from a lesser known Chinese brand that is not Xiaomi or Huawei, would you take the risk? Well according to China's TENAA certification, that's exactly what the new Gionee smartphone will be offering you. Called the Elife E8, it comes with a 23MP main camera that will be able to produce 100MP photos.

HeroCraft Z lets you be a hero and save a land from destruction

If you've always wanted to be the hero that saves a land from total destruction, your best bet would be to just play a game that would let you do so (unless you enter the army or something). One of the newest games in this genre is called HeroCraftZ and you will be accepting the summons of the Dragon of Time so that you will save the land of Azeroth since apparently, you are the Chosen One.

Samsung Clear View Case fails, scratches Galaxy S6 edge screen

When a new flagship phone is released, expect the company and 3rd-parties to release accessories and attachments with it. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge were accompanied by a Clear View Case by the South Korean tech giant. A Samsung-made protective case should be of good quality but the latest transparent flip cover is ironically, scratching the display of the phone. This is according to some phone owners who were complaining about the scratches. This situation is very ironic because a phone case is supposed to protect the device from possible scratches.
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