OnePlus and Wave brings MaxxAudio technology to the One

More often than not, the audio that comes from our mobile phones is not something to sing home about. Something is lost in transferring sound technology to our small and compact smartphones and tablets. OnePlus, the makers of the elusive the One has now partnered with Waves Audio to bring the Maxx Audio technology and make your One sound better.

OnePlus One “mini” leaked, Dec. 17 event teased

The OnePlus One is a device that is almost characterized by contradiction. Labeled as the "flagship killer", the smartphone did arrive with high end specs and a price to die for, but it also ended up being widely unavailable except from invites. And more recently, just when it launched in India, it saw Cyanogen practically withdrew support for its OS for devices sold in India. Despite that, it seems that the Chinese startup wants a repeat, but this time in a smaller scale.

SwiftKey releases Frozen-themed virtual keyboards in time for Christmas

It's been a year since Frozen-mania snowstormed its way into the theaters and children's (and adults!) hearts. But it's still not over, especially if your kids still break out into song (okay, admit it, you too) when they hear the opening notes of "Let It Go" or beg you for Olaf plushies this Christmas. SwiftKey says it's better late than never as they release Frozen-themed virtual keyboards for you and/or your kids.

Chicken Invaders 5 Clucks its way to Android

Chicken Invaders is a new game that has landed on the Android operating system that puts players into a battle against invading intergalactic chickens. These intergalactic chickens are focused on getting revenge for the oppressed chickens of Earth.

Lindsay Lohan enters mobile gaming market with Price of Fame

What do you do when your movie career is heading nowhere, you've become the butt of jokes of comedy writers, or worse, an object of pity as a "former child actor gone horribly wrong" cautionary tale? Why come up with a branded mobile game or app of course? The latest to enter the fray, after Kim Kardashian's extremely successful Hollywood game, is Lindsay Lohan with her "Price of Fame" app, now available on Android.

Crossy Road is one endless arcade hopper game

Android gamers have been longing for the Crossy Road game on their devices. No need to wait as Crossy Road is now available on the Amazon App Store. Be prepared to know why the game is popular on the App Store and why it has a 5-star average. Game is free to play so you'll get to enjoy endless freeways, rivers, and railroads to cross. In-app purchases are offered so don't be surprised if you'll be tempted to spend a few dollars.

Keewifi Router needs no passwords for secure connection

Normally when you set up a WiFi network in your home or office for your Android devices and other items, it takes a lot of configuration and typing in of long keys to get online. A new router has surfaced called the Keewifi Router and it aims to make setting up your wireless network much easier.

Yatse remote for XBMC/Kodi gets Material Design love

For you to be familiar with Yatse, you have to first be acquainted with XBMC – recently renamed to “Kodi” for copyright and legal reasons. Kodi is one of the most complete media player suites out there, bar none. That is the reason for its popularity in the media enthusiast community, but it’s about time that you get to know it as well. Yatse is the remote app that brings it all together, and it just got recently updated with some Material Design aesthetics.
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